Moor Park Capital Partners brings together one of the strongest international real estate advisory teams. It provides a meritorious environment offering unique opportunities to talented individuals to develop into real estate private equity specialists in a friendly, caring environment.


Property Management Team

Kirsty Apthorp –Global Head of Property Management

Sven Utermüller-Stern, CEO of MPPM

Sabine Kate, Lease Management

Alastair Dewar, Senior Property Surveyor



Graydon Butler, COO & Compliance Officer

Sumudu Wickramasinghe, Transaction Manager

Sukhjit Vohra, Fund Controller

Irmgard Hallbauer, Accountant & Clerk

Manuel Schweiger, Accountant & Clerk

Jolanta Blazyte, Administrative Assistant

Melanie Ockenden – Senior Transaction Manager

Aaron McFarlane – Senior Property Accountant

Simran Khakha – Finance Assistant

Investment Team

Gary Wilder, Founder Partner, Executive Chairman (VIEW BIO)

Shemeel Khan, Founder Partner, Chief Executive Officer (VIEW BIO)

Jagdeep Kapoor, Founder Partner (VIEW BIO)

Greg Smith, Senior Vice President

Odil Sooltonov, Associate

Robin Perrault - Associate

Camila Malzkorn, Analyst

Eric Matilainen - Analyst

Bella Nimmo, Personal Assistant/Office Manager



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Jason McKernan, Chief Financial Controller

Sandra Hoetl-Wickens, Financial Accountant

Stephen Taylor, Financial Accountant

David Panton, Tax Specialist

Andrew Chan, Head of Asia (VIEW BIO)


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